I found Alexis during a very difficult period in my life.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half and had reluctantly and heavy-heartedly chosen to try IVF.  While we felt privileged to be able to access such treatments, the process was devoid of a sense of connectedness, empathy, and sensitivity to how very emotionally, physically, and logistically challenging the standard fertility treatments are.  I read that acupuncture complemented IVF and could improve results. I searched the internet in my area and came upon Alexis’s page.  I called her and she picked up.  Her voice was cheerful and kind and she was able to make room for me the very next day.  Upon meeting her, my entire story changed.  She welcomed me into a healing space where I no longer felt broken or distressed.  At first, just the ability to lay down in a darkened quiet room for 20 minutes was a much needed respite.  It forced me to slow down.  After several sessions, I began to learn how brilliant acupuncture can be as a stand-alone fertility treatment.  It does not treat a woman as infertile; it shuns this vocabulary.   Instead, it seeks to balance our overall systems and correct imbalances and blockages.  Alexis’s guidance extended beyond acupuncture as she counseled me with dietary tips, herbal recommendations, and kind words and support. 

My story ends as I wanted it to, and I write this with a sweet, 3-week old baby girl in my arms.  When I received the news that I was pregnant, Alexis was the first to know after my husband and our 11-year old son.  When I saw her again a week later she told me that she has known the week before.  She had already felt it in my pulses.  Throughout my entire pregnancy, her work extended beyond a traditional relationship.  She always exceeded my expectations with texts, follow-up, conversations, and general support. Alexis is now much more to me than a healthcare practitioner she is truly part of my story.


Pine Bush, NY

I am an athlete and personal trainer. I sought out Alexis when a back injury I had was so bad I could barely walk. She diagnosed my problem quickly, and her treatment provided me with instant relief. I highly recommend her and am thankful to her for helping me gain my mobility back! 

Melissa Cardone, Peak Fitness

Kingston, NY

Early on in my second trimester of pregnancy I got a little scare from the OB regarding hypothyroidism, high TSH levels. Naturally their first option was to offer a prescribed medication that I would need to remain on for the duration of my pregnancy. Since I had been hoping for the most wholesome and natural pregnancy possible, I looked into other treatment. Alexis' counseling calmed my nerves immediately and I was assured there was a more holistic approach. With gentle acupuncture treatments specialized to be safe in pregnancy my thyroid levels dropped in 3 weeks and continued to drop. They have remained low in every bit of lab work we have gotten back. I am worry free and at the end of my third trimester happy and healthy no medications needed! 


Kingston, NY

I started seeing Alexis after a few months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. I scheduled the appointments with that objective in mind, however I always left our sessions with way less stress, anxiety and improved sleep for weeks to follow. In the care of her capable hands, I became pregnant. I won't say that Alexis or acupuncture are a miracle cure for fertility issues, but I will say that my mental and physical state were vastly improved during our treatments. If you are working on getting pregnant, I highly recommend regular visits to Alexis to treat your mind, body and soul. 


Rhinebeck, NY

I was having lots of PMS symptoms such as extreme fatigue and sugar cravings and started to feel better within just a couple of months of seeing Alexis. My symptoms have subsided and she is attentive and thorough with whatever I need worked on.  Her demeanor is relaxing and I always feel taken care of while there.


Stone Ridge, NY

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